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Today, there are lot of questions around demand fluctuations, capacity constraints, bottlenecks and congestion in the supply chain. Under such circumstances, a market strategy to stay ahead of your competition is not enough. You need to plan for uncertainties, like a possible change in trade volumes caused by a trade war. Add to that the increased shipping costs due to the new Sulphur regulations, and you could have a tough year ahead of you.

But what if you could turn these challenges into opportunities?

Maersk is now equipped to connect and simplify your supply chain in a manner that adds value to your business like never before. We can help you go to market faster, reduce the costs of uncertainty, scale up deliveries as per demand, and offer you quick and constant support.



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Your Integrated Logistics Partner

You no longer need to coordinate between multiple service providers to move your cargo from your factory to the customer. We’ve got you covered, on land and sea, with simple, end to end solutions.



Innovative Value Added Services


Tailor-made space allocation

When you experience an unexpected increase in demand, you need to be able to make a booking on the spot. Save time searching and reduce the risk of delays by having your cargo loaded on priority.

Maersk Accelerate

When speed is critical to your supply chain goals, you can benefit from gaining greater control over your logistics flow. With Maersk Accelerate, you get access to a dedicated Express Lane on APMT P400 in Los Angeles. Take advantage of a guaranteed delivery to your facility within 48 hours of discharge, within a 50 mile radius of the port.

Inland services

Access to 200+ Maersk Povided Truckers (MPT) gives you the flexibility to manage spikes in cargo while ensuring complete vendor performance management. To maintain continuity in your supply chain we also incorporate the service of your preferred local trucker into our end to end solution.

Dedicated sales and customer service

If things do not go as planned, our sales and customer service representatives will ensure that you get all the information you need, at the earliest. Because your supply chain needs to run like clockwork.

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